The Health Appeal Society announces its need for a laboratory director with the following requirements:
•He holds a laboratory director certificate from the Ministry of Health
Main tasks:
• Participate in developing the main objectives and operational plans of the laboratory and developing and implementing plans, programs and projects that contribute to achieving these objectives,
• General supervision of the performance and work of all work teams in the medical laboratory, leading the direction and follow-up of procedures, ensuring the quality of laboratory equipment and operations, and ensuring their consistency and suitability to approved quality standards.
• Follow up on the processes of studying and testing samples, analyzes and examinations, follow up on the implementation of various medical tests based on the approved conditions and instructions, and supervise the processes of documenting and keeping their records.
• Supervising the development and follow-up of the implementation of strategies and programs to develop and train medical laboratory staff, ensuring the availability of qualified and trained personnel in various fields of work and ensuring the availability of all modern technologies and means to enable them to apply work principles and methods as required.
Interested candidates (who meet the conditions) are kindly requested to send their CVs, mentioning the job title in the subject line, to the following email: