Health Appeal Academy

The academy aim to build the capacity of health supply market through providing
specialized training programs and diplomas targeted to healthcare workers and
professionals workers in addition to the fresh graduates of Medicine, nursing and
other health schools .

Scope of service

The approach of health appeal academy ,based on high international
standards which keeps up with the last updated of the health sector
,further to meet the work field requirements ,depends on miscellaneous
methodological training skills ,which guarantee the
efficiency of the training programs outputs.

Analysing the needed skills and training

which meet the work field requirement and the needed skills for the health professions .

Programs designed

as per the international standards which is raise the efficiency of the training out puts .


employing highly qualified trainers ,had a master's degree as per the specialty needed for the training programs .

continuous assessment

follow-up through scientific methods to prove the efficiency of the programs .

Credits and partnership

the universities and trades union, to facilitate the practical side of the training programs.


To protect, promote, and advance the health and safety, through rapid and
effective response to health needs, employ leadership and excellence in
health service practices, conduct a multidisciplinary research of training and
capacity building.


Health Appeal Academy is the pioneer of health professions training
and rehabilitation , across the Jordanian kingdom, and effective
institute in outreach community activities.

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