The Health Appeal Society announces the availability of a vacancy for a logistics employee with the following requirements:

• At least two years of experience in the same field, preferably someone who has experience in international or local organizations.
• Personal skills and establishing and maintaining effective working relationships
• Problem solving skills.
• Leadership and taking responsibility
• negotiation skills
• The ability to make decisions
• Teamwork and delegation of tasks
• Ability to conduct extensive research on products and suppliers with specialized knowledge of materials for use in specific projects.
Main responsibilities/tasks
• Receive purchase requests from programs and competent authorities, review quantities and amounts, budget, prepare purchase orders, send them to suppliers, and follow up on supply, delivery, and receipt according to the schedule.
• Searching for potential suppliers and qualifying them according to the organization’s appropriate terms and standards
• Compare and evaluate the offers submitted by suppliers in cooperation with the technical and financial committees and prepare award minutes and letters of acceptance and apology to suppliers.
• Track the implementation of the project’s logistical operations and follow up on their implementation according to the project proposal and procurement plan
• Familiarity with the policies and stages of purchasing and contracting in accordance with the established purchasing methods and methodology of logistics and procurement policies and all steps of limited and public practices and tenders, starting with preparing and reviewing documents.
• Reviewing the quality of purchased products and matching quantities and specifications
• Tracking purchase orders, starting from the arrival and preparation of need requests until the arrival of materials, products and equipment to the requesting medical departments and facilities, matching them with warehouse supplies and examination records, and then submitting the requests to the financial official to complete the payment procedures for suppliers.
• Maintain up-to-date records of products purchased, delivery information and invoices
• Preparing tracking reports on monthly purchases and purchase records and tracking them with the procurement plan prepared by the Program, Procurement and Project Department.
Interested candidates (who meet the conditions) are kindly requested to send their CVs, mentioning the job title in the subject line, to the following email: