Health Appeal proudly concluded the training program “” علاجهم بلغتهم , which aimed to teach sign language. The project focused on enhancing the capabilities of medical staff to communicate using sign language. The training, held at Al-Bashir Hospitals’ conference hall, successfully trained, and equipped 25 participants from Al-Bashir Hospital’s staff. The initiative aimed to build the healthcare system’s capacity to interact and directly communicate with the deaf community within the public sector.

This facilitates access to services for this group, improves direct communication with healthcare providers, enhances the health system’s efficiency, and elevates the quality of healthcare services for all segments of society. The program contributes to social justice, integrating the target group into the Jordanian healthcare system. Special thanks to all participants for their fruitful efforts and commitment.

Congratulations to them on successfully completing the course. A sincere appreciation to the trainer, Osama Al-Tahrawi, for his dedication and contribution to the success of this training. Thanks to everyone involved in this achievement

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